Buy and bid on Opensea

First, you need to buy some ETH to top up your wallet.
For specific steps, please refer to the Metaverse Beginner's Guide above.
After completing the first step, you need to withdraw ETH to Metamask/Trustwallet. Use a Polygon address during this process, or you may lose your coins.
Here you can view wallet settings and wallet funds in more detail. Go to opensea and click login/register.
Enter the necessary details to create an account and click Register. After verifying your email address, you need to connect your wallet to the website.
On the left, you will see a wallet icon. You need to click on it and select your wallet type (note: please use one wallet per account).
Go to the homepage of the Republic of Nicrawlinna and select the NFT of your desired mineral rights.
Each NFT corresponds to a piece of land with geographic coordinates: 31°13'19"45 S, 121°64'11"90. The land is rich in mineral deposits.
The LITH team will create a blockchain game where players can develop in the game based on real mining sources and get rich rewards.

Congratulations, now you're a landowner on Republic of Nicrawlinna!