Phase 1 – Backend preparation (Jun 2019 – Dec 2019)

Establishment of the Litherium Token idea, and the attempt to launch this electronic currency in Argentina, but due to the global epidemic, the project was shelved.

  • Establishment of the Litherium Token idea

  • Settlement of Litherium Token team

  • Formalization of the project structure

  • Setting the budget and marketing scheme

  • Preparation for the First LITH AirDrop

Phase 2 - Token Launch 1.0 (Mar 2021 - Jun 2021)

Litherium was rereleased in Western Australia, and the project was reorganized by The SMK Partners & Associate PTY LTD in which included the project team, project plan, budget and marketing scheme.

  • Launching the seed fund round Token

  • Start working on the first AirDrop stage

  • Creation of the official website (

  • Establishment of the Litherium community

Phase 3 - Token Launch 2.0 (May 2021 - Sep 2021)

Litherium issued the seed fund stage of ITO, we expected to sell 20 million tokens in the first batch to raise the funds and users for floating on the PancakeSwap exchange.

  • Gain the first 3000 users

  • List to the first exchange

  • Launch the full crowdfunding program

  • Apply for the Western Australia mining exploration right

  • Set up a Litherium Holdings and Trust Company in Hong Kong China.

Phase 4 - Anchor token and Lithium (Sep 2021 - Apr 2022)

Obtain Western Australia lithium ore exploration rights, the first exploration area will be 200 hectares.

  • Obtained a regional nickel mine exploration license

  • Set up the major LITH roadshow in Perth

  • Digifinex (CEX) listing preparation

Phase 5 - Litherium Crypto-commodity (Apr 2022 - Dec 2023)

Mining NFT will officially release and set Litherium Token to become a legal cryptocurrency for direct consumption in Australia. Start listing preparation, stock exchange listing preparation

  • Launching LITH terminal

  • Gaining a strategic partnership with the world’s top mining company

  • NFT Opensea Open Bidding

  • Apply for Open Bidding on Binance NFT and

  • NFT BlockChain game for internal testing

Phase 6 - Establishing the full LITH Ecosystem (2024 onward)

Expand the scale of the group and achieve the binding of Litherium token with all of Litherium Group projects

  • Apply for LITH to become a recognised cryptocurrency exchange

  • Achieve cooperation with various trading platform

  • Become a major commodity exchange token

  • The Blockchain game is officially open

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