Redeem By LITH

Existing LITH holders have priority redeem rights
For the loyal supporters and fans of LITH, to express our gratitude, the LITH team will prioritise the right of choice and exchange. Therefore, loyal supporters and fans of LITH will exchange NFT with the original purchase price of LITH. This will give users a huge first-mover advantage in future market transactions and game competition. Loyal supporters and fans of LITH enter Litherium's official website to submit a request and attach the wallet hash address to confirm their identity and the initial purchase price of LITH.
LITH holders can also submit redemption intentions to the LITH team through any social platform. In addition, the team will set up a particular account LITH NFT to accept exchange requests from existing LITH holders. Existing LITH holders have priority redeem rights.
How to dispose of the LITH of the replaced NFT
To ensure LITH's healthy operation and long-term development, the LITH team will destroy the LITH coins exchanged for NFT. LITH Team will update each destruction information in real time on social platforms. Moreover, investors can check and supervise our destruction process through BSC. According to the supply and demand relationship in the market, this will boost the value of LITH and give it more vital support for the operation of LITH.