Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver on the promise of the Metaverse. Thanks to the power of decentralized blockchain technology, our Republic of Nicrawlinna will offer its citizens greater creative freedom than ever before.

Between our thriving user base of landowners, the ability to mortgage land, and our incubator program for promising new metaverse businesses - anyone with a vision to create something in the metaverse can find all the funding they need . In return, their stakeholders can earn reliable profits through our trusted and secure marketplace.

Most importantly, we believe in fulfilling our responsibility to all citizens of the Republic of Nicrawlinna and the planet itself. That's why we plan that once the economy is up and running, the Republic of Nicrawlinna will evolve into a fully functioning DAO. In addition, we have donated a portion of all transactions to selected environmental charities, and we plan to expand this charitable share over time.

The Republic of Nicrawlinna is our opportunity to build a more open and equitable ecosystem for all.

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