The core component of the Nicrawlinna ecosystem is the Tenement Land. Each block is an NFT that can be bought, sold, stacked, and developed as the user sees fit. But, most notably, each tile maps to a piece of land on the original Earth. But remember, our physical reality does not limit the metaverse. This means that as more and more creators, investors and businesses embrace the flexibility of digital mining rights, any piece of land may one day have enormous value and excellent mining potential. For a more detailed description of the Nicrawlinna land, please feel free to skip to the "NFT Tenement Land" section.
More detailed instructions on Nicrawlinna Land NFT Swap using Litherium (LITH: Smart Contract: 0x5b180109332b079c44447F52A8aDad5B1Cd9dcfd).
Speaking of LITH, one of the core functions of the token is staking and swapping. By staking your Nicrawlinna NFTs, you allow funds to flow in and out of our reward pool, governed by smart contracts independent of Nicrawlinna ChainGame control.
This means you can rest easy knowing that your staking and swap profits are earned through the most secure, reliable and transparent channels.
For more detailed instructions on Nicrawlinna staking and swapping, feel free to skip to the "Redeem By LITH" section.
A DAO is a group of people collaborating on a blockchain to achieve a common goal — no need for puppets, top-down hierarchies, or any rigid governance structures typical of traditional organizations.
In Nicrawlinna, our ultimate goal is to evolve into a fully operational DAO so that no power-hungry self or old-world thinking is left in the equation. Instead, the Nicrawlinna DAO will be entirely focused on growing Nicrawlinna into the most open and fair ecosystem in the metaverse, where true ownership reigns and everyone is free to create what they want.
For a more detailed description of Nicrawlinna as a DAO, feel free to jump to the "DAO" section.
Many have raised legitimate concerns about the impact of blockchain technology on the planet's environment. At Nicrawlinna, we take these concerns very seriously and have developed plans to mitigate this damage and reverse it entirely.
From the project's early days, we took environmental philanthropy very seriously, donating 15% of every new land purchase to our charitable fund. As Nicrawlinna evolves into a DAO, Nicrawlinna will increase its share of charitable industry giving.
So while businesses operating in Nicrawlinna can still thrive and generate substantial profits, they gain a more outstanding environmental contribution with Nicrawlinna.