LICOM-Crypto Banking

Currency liquidity will be noticeable in Litherium's future development. According to research, there is a strong positive correlation between digital payment liquidity and market value. The top 10 cryptocurrencies in the digital payment market currently have impressive liquidity. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), for example, can both be used to pay for online shopping platforms and other utilities. Another well-known application for ETH is as fuel credits. Litherium has the potential to become one of the "cryptocurrency exchanges," with the primary goal of instilling legal and widespread liquidity. To accomplish this goal, we will register online-banking service and electronically enable our LICOM-Crypto Banking once Litherium hits the market. Users of Litherium can convert their assets into legal tender using real-time exchange rates, and they will be able to use all epos in Australia directly. Customers will be able to use LICOM-Crypto Banking convenient payment services.
After consumption, the financial institutions will deduct Litherium Tokens (LITH) from the users' accounts. Litherium is supported by a lithium mine of equivalent market value, allowing for the instant exchange of virtual and legal currency at the stable price. This will address the real cryptocurrency's most significant shortfalls in the face of actual value.