Why Litherium?

Another era is emerging. The Litherium Token, which will be launched in June 2021, is a blockchain cryptocurrency endorsed by new energy related minerals, and its value will be underwritten at the same price reflected by new energy mines. Every Litherium Token, which is endorsed by mineral ore, will have a value equal to a certain weight of mineral ore. In authorised digital wallets, the Litherium Crypto-Commodity Exchange will exist as a physical mortgage asset.
The significant advantage of digital energy resources are the ability of holders to divide new energy commodity into small units and transfer or trade them to third parties. Users can also avoid entering trading markets with excessively high thresholds. The Litherium Token concept is undeniably appealing. The expanding of new energy market may also contribute to the continued growth of Litherium Tokens. Simultaneously, investors are enamoured with the cryptocurrency market. Large sums of fiat cash can effectively drive the price of mineral ore and the value of Litherium Tokens. Based on the Litherium Token concept. The Litherium Token concept ensures that the currency is equivalent to the equivalent value of minerals, even if the currency does not make a significant market impact.
Litherium Token (LITH) is a cryptocurrency that can be used to trade on the LItherium Crypto-Commodity Exchange and pay fees. As an incentive, users of the Litherium token (LITH) receive a reduction in transaction fees on the Litherium Crypto-Commodity Exchange. LITH can also be exchanged or traded for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.
Litherium token (LITH) was created in June 2021 and first worked on the Binance Smart Chain with the token BEP-20 before becoming the native currency.