Token Characteristics


The Litherium Token concept ensures that the currency is equivalent to the equivalent value of lithium. Backed by Lithium mining right that is located in the authorised party's mining area in Western Australia.


In the development process of Litherium, investors can use Litherium token (LITH) to replace legal currency for doing commodity trading.

Stability of price

Litherium token (LITH) provides currency holders with a high-quality credit foundation. It diversifies the huge price fluctuations that occur when the cryptocurrency market hedges against fluctuations. This will ensure risk avoidance, in the chance of a sharp drop for the funds of small investors.


Before the token is issued to cryptocurrency exchange, the amount of Litherium tokens (LITH) held by all users can be monitored by various platforms such as BSCScan, and it can be traded, transferred, and kept in a third-party cryptocurrency wallet.


In addition to the support, all raised funds in each stages will be monitored by the third-party financial institution and SMK Partners & Associate will also be involved in the monitoring.