A unique range of markets

Cryptocurrency Asset Collateralized Contracts (CACCs) and other contracts on a wide variety of popular metals, energies, and softs are available.

Advanced risk management

Even in volatile times, use our risk management tools to manage your positions.

Increased transparency

Your profit/loss will be clearer over the life of the position, as there will be no need to close on expiry and open a new position.

Buying commodities with crypto

Enjoy buying and selling commodities with ease and keeping them in your personal wallet.


Majority of existing crypto exchanges platforms are facing number of issues:

Technical architecture deficiencies

Most exchanges use the simplest method to establish the system, but when it comes to solving technical issues, many technical personnel lack expertise in finance or exchange operations. Although this may work well at first, as usage increases, the system will be unable to load in the long run. The design of the switching system must take into account safety, efficiency, speed, and scalability. This might affect the initial development planning, but it is critical for long-term success. Our team collaborates with a world-class financial system that has decades of experience in the development and maintenance of the platform. When it comes to launching a new simple and straightforward trading system, security is our top priority.

Security concern

Various exchanges have been affected as a result of hacking.

LICOM's technical team is intend to built the high standards, with auditing and penetration testing. Our technical support team are experienced in building financial systems to the highest security standards and prioritise security over all else.

Market liquidity

There are significant impacts on both professional and ordinary traders. A shallow orderbook means high slippage when trading, which is extremely costly for traders. Getting miners, institutional investors, and large traders to participate in a new exchange is a common problem that requires a team with extensive industry knowledge.

LICOM's team has extensive experience in both the finance and cryptocurrency industries. The team has worked on and managed a number of exchanges, and has amassed a large network of partners in this field. These partners will be critical in launching the exchange.

Customer service concern

Most platforms has a concern when it's dealing with users, traders are a different part of community. Understanding the trader mindset is critical for running a profitable exchange. The stakes are extremely high. Many exchanges treat traders in the same way that they would treat users on a social media site. A delay in seeing your friends' status updates would be unnoticed, but on an exchange, it would be unacceptable, resulting massive user complaints. LICOM is intend to built with service in mind, in addition to the technology stack. LICOM is responsible for providing support to the entire staff and company. When a trader has a problem, they get an answer from someone who knows the system, not from someone who is reading from a script.

Globalisation & Multi-lingual support

Blockchains have no geographical barriers. Most exchanges are limited to one language or one country. Our international multilingual team has extensive working experience in European, American, Asia-pacific region and etc, these advantages allowing us to support the global market smoothly.

Matching engine

Our matching engine can handle over one million orders per second, making LICOM one of the fastest exchanges on the market today. On our exchange, you can be confident that your orders will never be stalled due to an overloaded matching engine. In terms of feature rollout, the platform will be released in roughly the following order: spot trading, margin trading, futures, anonymous instant exchange, decentralised (on-chain) exchange, and so on.

Device coverage and multilingual support

We will offer cross-platform trading clients for Web-based trading clients, Android clients, iOS native clients, Mobile HTML5 clients, PC (Windows) native clients, and REST API. In terms of language support, all of our user interfaces support English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,Thai and so on. The initial release will only be available in English and Chinese. More languages will be added in the future.

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