Crypto-Commodity NFT Strategy

How it works now?
Based on the newly developed NFT digital art trading platform developed by the original technical team that created LITH token, it will be extended to the Metaverse platform in the future, allowing users to invest in Metaverse’s minerals and use the actual reserves of the minerals for staking.
In order to achieve this, we will launch a series of NFT mining pools, each of which will consist of a varying number of mining points. In addition, each NFT mine is unique. If the NFT is used for staking, the miner will be able to obtain miner fees, and the miners participating in mining on the mine must give the NFT owner a certain percentage of revenue.

How it works in future?

Minerals will become one of the most popular virtual asset classes in the world, due to the advancement of virtual world transactions. Virtual minerals are intangible resources that exist in the virtual world. Just like physical assets, it can also be sold as minerals and can be purchased with our LITH token. Assuming that there is a 56 square kilometers size of mine, investors can choose to buy a small part of the area, and if we develop the area, the price will increase accordingly. It is matching our original concept of allowing small-capital investors to subvert traditional asset investments in rising minerals concentrate. Investors do not have to bear the risks and technical issues associated with traditional futures assets such as holding, transfer, trading, storage, and so on; instead, they only need to invest in NFT to make up the equivalent investment in new energy consumable mineral concentrate.