Welcome to the Republic of Nicrawlinna

Introduction to the Republic of Nicrawlinna

The Republic of Nicrawlinna (geographic coordinates: 31°13'19"45 S, 121°64'11"90E) is the first trustworthy mining tenement land ownership platform in the Metaverse, allowing users to sell, stake and develop maps to NFT-based tenement land on the Earth's surface. Through NFT non-fungible token technology, you can ensure your permanent ownership of the land. Furthermore, after you buy land in the The Republic of Nicrawlinna, anyone can check your land ownership on a public website.
Mining tenement land ownership is more than just putting your name on the certificate. With ownership, there is an opportunity to explore and mine the mineral resources of the land. The Republic of Nicrawlinna aims to be the ultimate platform-as-a-service for individuals and businesses of all levels to enter the metaverse and build a true metaverse mining empire. Whether you're an individual investor, creator, startup, or even a traditional business looking to scale digitally, we can provide the infrastructure you need to make your vision a reality.